Integrated Solar Roof – ISR

"We provide commercial building owners the ability to maximize roofing budgets, decrease expenses and increase profits through our innovative commercial roof/solar financing solutions..."

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About us


AP Power Holdings Financing Solutions give commercial building owners the ability to turn a traditional capital expense into a profit generating asset that embraces sustainability.

The ISR Solution successfully integrates premium roofing systems and solar that when combined qualify as section 48 “energy property”. Patented technology and the assistance of Deloitte allows AP Power Holdings to exclusively offer this solution with a myriad of financing options that greatly maximize owner benefits over traditional self financing. 

If you are in need of a new roof our ISR Solution is simply the best choice you can make...


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Historically commercial roofing has been a capital expense with no financial return. The ISR Solution changes that & maximizes client benefits...

•No up front costs

•scaleable & repeatable financing

Reserve capital for profit generating activities

•Allows client to maximize roofing budgets

Client receives all energy produced

Client receives all utility incentives/SREC's

Long term maintenance savings

ocial / Environmental responsibility

•tax shields

20-25 year qualified roof systems

•Tier 1 contractors and equipment


Integrated Solar Roof (ISR) Financing Programs


Third Party Owned Systems

For commercial building owners that want to finance a new roof and solar as an ISR system and take advantage of discounted payments and energy, AP Power Holdings offers a variety of third party owned financing options...


Owner Financed Systems

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For commercial building owners wishing to self finance a new roof and solar as an ISR system and receive all tax benefits, incentives and energy production AP Power Holdings offers variety of financing options... 


Channel Partners

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